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Pendant lighting also referred to as drop or suspended lighting, is a light fixture that hangs from a ceiling. A pendant light can hang via a cord, chain, or metal pole. Pendant lighting is a fantastic focal lighting fixture for home use. Mini pendant lights are often used in homes strung in a straight line or in a circle. Modern homes often feature the same lighting fixtures hung in a uniformed line, to create a sleek modern look. For more quirky or rustic homes, homeowners may choose to hang multiple LED pendant lamps in different styles, to create a unique aesthetic.

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Pendant lamps often contain LED bulbs because they are more energy-efficient and cost-effective than incandescent lighting systems. This means you can benefit from a brighter, lighter home, at a better price with LED lighting fixtures. LED pendant lamps can be placed in any room. A large, statement LED pendant light may be well suited to a large dining room, whereas mini pendant lights may be better suited to the kitchen environment. Where you place pendant lighting, naturally, will depend on the size and style of your home and your own design preferences.

Drop Pendant Lights

These types of fixtures sometimes also are referred to as drop or suspension pendant lights, can be a very versatile tool in home design. Light up one specific area with a single pendant light, or use multiple together to illuminate a wider space and make a statement. Unlike flush-mounts, pendant lights typically hang from the ceiling by either chain, wire, or stem to give a more dramatic feel and add interest to space (while lighting the way, of course!). As you shop for the perfect pendant light fixture for your home, keep the following information in mind to help guide your decision.