Modern Pendant Light

Pick The Perfect Modern Pendant Light to Brighten Your Home

It is easy to transform your space without spending a fortune if you go about it systematically.

The right kind of lighting can work wonders and totally change the ambience of any room or area.

Lights Pendant not only transforms, but also creates a sense of style in your home.

What are pendant lights?

Do we sell industrial pendant light? Are pendant lights home depot good? 

Don’t get misled due to the term “pendant”, as that usually projects an image of a small and obscure fixture in our minds. However, it is nothing but a myth as pendant lights modern are quite noticeable and make pronounced fashion statements. Pendant lights for kitchen are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, so you are really spoilt for choice.

Minimalistic living room interior with gray walls, large windows, gray armchairs and a square poster above a coffee table. 3d rendering mock up

Pendant lights:

This type of light fixture is mounted to the ceiling and hangs down on a rod or chain

The term originates from the fact that the light is suspended just like a pendant on a necklace. The most basic ones have a single light bulb mounted base up, inside a globe or under an open shade or open reflector. Pendant lamp offers a great ceiling light. They can be used in kitchens, family rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and even outdoors, hanging lights outdoor look unique. 

Here are 5 tips for pendant lighting miami buying guide:

  • Size and Shape of modern lamps 

Getting the right size and shape of your light pendant is extremely important. Overly large light pendants can make the room seem too bright that you have to squint, while extremely dim pendants light can affect visibility, which is a strict no-no. Moreover, the lights need to match with the depth and character of the room as well. 

  • Light fixtures height of lighting chandeliers 

The pendant light fixtures shouldn’t be hung too high as it would show the bulb, while being too low means the view is blocked. If you are installing them in the dining space or kitchen, the rule of thumb is the height should be 30-36” above the height of the counter or table. Another rule to follow is installing the fixtures 60-66” above the floor. Are you looking for a light fixture near me?

  • Mix and Match light fixture parts

At times a single pendant light isn’t sufficient, so this is your chance to experiment by mixing different types of lighting pendants to brighten the space. But then again, mixing doesn’t mean you randomly pick out different pendant lights and hang them together. Keep aesthetics and luminescence in mind before selecting. 

  • Get Proper Wattage. It is important to have the right light fixture mounting bracket

Although there is no fixed formula for calculating the wattage of light required for a room, Kichler Lighting has come up with an interesting solution. Multiply the width by the length of the room, and keep the measurement in feet. Afterwards multiply the result by 1.5 to get a general idea about the wattage.

  • Functionality

What are you buying the pendant lighting for? Do you need pendant lights for kitchen? Is it for a decorative purpose or do you want it to be more functional? Or would you prefer a light fixture with outlet that has both characteristics? Pendant lights can not only improve visual appeal but also provide task, general, and area lighting.