Lighting Ideas

The best Lighting Ideas

Your home is your sacred space where you can spend the best moments of your life. The lighting of it plays an important factor that accompanies you every day and that is why we want to give you some ideas so that you take advantage of the lighting to the fullest so that you can enjoy it and show off with your family and friends.

Lighting Ideas for Kitchen , Dinner Room , Living Room, Bathroom and for your whole house

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Factors to consider for the best functional lighting at home

It may look like an easy job to choose lighting fixtures for your home. These lighting fixtures you pick may be a decorative pendant or a chandelier that you feel may go with the rest of your space. Architectural and functional lighting is very difficult to choose on your own.

Professional designers and interior designers look at lighting as the one of the most important factors in making personal space comfortable and beautiful. Never underestimate your judgments to create your own custom lighting for your house but you need a plan and need to do some research about the kind of lighting that will suit your house.

What is the space or room for?

Every room in your house has a different purpose. While the living room needs general lighting, your bedroom may need general lighting and other types of lighting to make you focus on what you are doing. A hot tub in the bathroom may need a decorative water proof LED fixture but the table near your bed may need mood lighting that is dimmable and rated for damp locations. If you look at the sofa as a reading space, place it near the right light.

What do you really want your lighting to do?

There are three types of lighting which are general lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting.  A great lighting plan includes all the three types of lighting. You can get good general lighting from chandeliers, ceiling lights, and decorative pendants and task lighting from table lamps and adjustable arm lamps for specific tasks in a room. For reading purposes, LED table lamps are popular. Dimmers are used for areas that don’t need much light such as a meditation room or a balcony.

How much light do you need in the room?

Start of the state of the art LEDs that are manufactured today use less power and produce the same amount of light and brightness. Brightness in incandescent bulbs used to be measured in watts but now incandescent bulbs and LEDs is measured in lumens.

Good lighting adds to the beauty of a room. Just putting a tube light and a table lamp here and there doesn’t mean that your room or home is going to be brighter and illuminated. You may be wasting a lot of electricity by buying and placing a lot of lights. 

  • 10 x 10 foot living area requires 200 lumens
  • A 6 x 3-foot dining table requires 540 lumens
  • Desk lighting requires 50 to 75 lumens per square foot
  • Tables and raised surfaces need 30 lumens per square foot
  • Floors need 20 lumens per square foot

 Colour is critical to lighting in rooms

We see two kinds of colours in bulbs in the market i.e. yellow and white/blue. Yellow lights are meant for bringing warm colours in the room. Yellow lights enhance browns, oranges, and yellow and make the room get a cozy feel. White lights are bright and bring us closer to daylights. These lights are cool lights and are good for reading, computer work, and doing important tasks. A higher number on the kelvin scale is cooler while a lower number is warmer. 2700k to 3500k is recommended for living rooms and bedrooms. 4000 to 4500k is recommended for kitchens.

Innovation and design

The best lighting fixtures with integrated LED light sources are the best options which have the best benefits and features. LEDs look different from incandescent light bulbs and are tinier and cooler and more long-lasting too. Global LED lighting is expected to value at 108 billion in five years. Though incandescent lights are used by many households, they don’t have the benefits that LEDs possess.

5 Types of Lights That Can Beautify Your Home

It is never too late to change and upgrade bad lighting in your home. Don’t worry if you are not an expert in lighting or not a daring DIY kind of person. You can always have good lighting in a day or two that satisfies your expectations and doesn’t drain your wallet.

  • LED Downlights

LED downlights offer bright directional lights and are recessed into a ceiling.  These are essentially spotlights and are much more unobtrusive than traditional spotlights. Most spotlights offer you a choice of bezel.  From black or white ceramic to brushed aluminum and brass, these lights can make any room look stylish. Though these lights provide good lighting in a room, you need to know the number of lights required to install to illuminate the room. They also provide you superior energy efficiency and longer life spans. The trick is to install one LED per square meter and leave a space of half a meter between the lights and each wall. You can do this and you don’t need to spend extra money and time on an electrician.

  • LED under cabinet lights

Under cabinet lighting is as important as recessed lighting in your house. It is the best lighting for carrying out chores like cutting veggies and experimenting in the kitchen. This is the best lighting option if you want to light up your bookshelves, pantries, and cabinets. These lights are used in places that have frequent activity. LED under cabinet lights use 60 to 75 percent less energy than other light sources and also have a good lifespan. The LED under cabinet lights that you buy needs to have a frosted lens included to diffuse the light diodes which reduces glare spots.

  • Antique LED bulbs

This is a new crop of LED light bulbs that want to combine modern technology with old school looks. This trend was started for those people who were not ready to say goodbye to incandescent bulbs but since big brands started manufacturing them, they have a niche market of their own.

The good news is, if you like this trend, you have a lot of choices in antique bulbs. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. These are used more for decorative purposes since they have a lower lumen output and are suited for fixtures like sconces and pendants. It is used to enhance ambiance and add a retro feel to a space or room.

  • Patio Light Sets

You can transform your garden or backyard with patio light sets. If you have an event or a party, these lights set a good mood for the evening. Hanging these lights are not that easy, so you will need an electrician to do the work for you. Is the patio light set something you want just for an event or is it something that you want for a few months? 

The installation process of patio light sets varies according to how long you want these lights. To set up these lights you need c- hook screws, large planter pots, wooden posts, and quick concrete. You also need pebbles and potting soil.

  • LED tape light

LED tape lights are used to improve the decor of a space and you can use these lights as accent lighting. These are convenient strip lights that can be used in book shelves, your TV, and your kitchen cabinets.

In case you have water in the space you want to use LED tape lights, it is recommended to go for waterproof LED tape lights. The waterproof LEDS are ideal for pool parties.

LED Lighting: How to bring style to spaces and rooms of all sizes

If you’re looking for quick and easy lighting ideas to give your space or room a facelift instantly, modern LED lighting is the best solution. Without the hassle of changing plumbing or altering existing furniture, the inclusion of smart LED lights can transform a room in minutes.

If you’re looking for inspiration on adding lighting to your bathroom, or you just want to know how it would work for your specific space, we’ve got all the details. Read on to discover how to bring style to your bedroom, bathroom or any room in the house with the help of smart LED lighting

Set the mood without reducing practicality

One of the best things about LED lighting is the vast amount of flexibility and versatility this technology provides. As suitable alternatives to traditional bathroom lighting, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. If you’re planning to relax in the tub or want to be bright-eyed in the mornings, LEDs can adapt to the mood you’re trying to set in seconds. Endlessly practical, effortless to change, and easy to use, there are plenty of advantages to LEDs for the average room. Whether you’re looking for calm at the end of the day or something to wake you up first thing, LEDs do it all.

Find something that fits the dimensions of your room

Before you invest in a large-scale vanity or small lighting solution, think about what works for your living room or space. For those that are looking for ample room for their morning routine and makeup, LED bath vanity lights on a larger scale are the perfect solution.

For more cramped spaces, opting for a more pared-back choice may make the best use of your space. You don’t want to underwhelm – but you don’t want to overwhelm either. A smaller bathroom may require use for LEDs in one area only, while a sizable bathroom might be best-suited to multiple LEDs for the best possible effect.

Choose a design that transforms your space

Which LED bathroom lighting design is the best fit for your home? That depends entirely on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re hoping to use an LED vanity as a replacement for overhead lighting, picking something sleek and on the larger side is your best bet.

If you’re simply looking to add ambiance or mood to your space, then going for a less-is-more approach will provide the ideal tone. LEDs aren’t just relegated to the ultra-modern – there is plenty of classic, retro, and even minimalist designs to suit just about any home.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or simply add to existing home décor, LEDs are the best way to enhance your bathroom space. As an alternative to traditional lighting, LEDs are safe, practical, and innovative for use in your bathroom.

As for what you do with your lighting, that’s entirely down to your imagination – with so much flexibility and versatility, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. If you’re considering upgrading your home lighting, LEDs are the ideal option to start. Less work for more impact – who wouldn’t want that?

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