Lighting trends 2023

Lighting Trends 2023

If you are looking for inspiration to renovate your home or find out what the 2021-2022 trend will be in lighting and interior issues, we will take a look to update ourselves on a topic that has become essential in recent times.

Year after year, trends evolve, change, and fashion is the most contingent and changing sector, the change in styles encompasses several sectors and interior decoration is no exception, so in this article, we will show you interior design trends 2023.

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Interior Lighting Trends

The world of lighting has ceased to be a functional branch in decoration to be a truly essential option within the home.

This will be the year in which our house will occupy the main place since it is our main place to do all our activities, so we must have some ideas about interior print trends and see that the styles vary according to the designers of interior, so in this article, we will explain the different lighting fashion trends for 2022 and provide solutions to illuminate both your home and your business.

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Material Trends 2023

In the year 2023, all types of natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, wicker, the glass will be in fashion, so designers suggest paying attention to the aforementioned products, and remember that everything related to nature is fashion for interior design trends 2023, like a beautiful Bombay pendant from PCL Lighting that you can find at

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Interior Design Trends 2023

We can start talking about home decor color trends 2022, and here classic colors such as black or white are very good options, but if you want to express your taste for nature, you can choose colors in the range of greens and wood, like all the products of the AFJ- Adesso brand that you can find. also in Specialty Lighting and Bulbs.

The simplicity of shapes and alloys, that is, minimalist styles, are a trend for the 2022 home, as are the mini earrings from different brands that you can find at

Home Trends 2023

Regarding the living room, the ceiling chandeliers can go in the middle of the room, as well as a modern chandelier can have different shapes and be of original designs, such as the Oros chandelier from the Kuzco Lighting line with finishes in shades customized, they would look beautiful.

In the bedroom, the wall lights create a soft, calm environment, and the suitable one for this is the white Zircon wall lamp, also from the Kuzco Lighting line.

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However, the most visited place in the house is the kitchen and in a large environment, the idea is to place as the main luminaire a Hana lamp from the Elegant line, with several LED lights, made of the faceted glass that gives a sensation of a multi-colored waterfall.

Regarding your workplace, if you work in an office and receive clients, you can place a light from the Elegant brand called Eren. These are bubbles that fall from the largest to the smallest; While if your workplace is a private office, you can place a table lamp from the brand AFJ – Adesso

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You can see all these mentioned items in the Specialty Lighting & Bulbs showroom, lighting your life for more than 20 years. You will be surprised with everything you will see