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Kuzco Lighting offers over 99 new designs on modern chandeliers with LED lighting options. Mostly geometric designs make Kuzco brand unique in the lighting industry and set the standard. Here at Specialty Lighting and Bulbs, we carry the entire line of Kuzco chandeliers and pendants.

Kuzco chandelier polished chrome
kuzco geometric chandelier
Kuzco geometric chandelier silver LED
Kuzco Santino Chandelier

A geometric chandelier from Kuzco Lighting will be a fantastic addition to any dining or living room space. Our selection includes polished nickel, silver and chrome plated models fitted with LED lights.

Kuzco Magellan chandelier

Magellan chandeliers from Kuzco – Large-scale statement pieces, multiple spun-aluminum shades clad a hollow core. The fine-textured dark exterior and white reflector finish make these chandeliers unique. Kuzco lighting introduced new designs on led geometric designs for modern homes. These designs available from the following Kuzco collections,

Piazza Collection: by Kuzco Lighting CH85332-WH. A suspended rectilinear frame emits soft luminance downward from the continuous perimeter opal diffuser.

Sirius Collection: by Kuzco Lighting Inc CH14348-BN. Sirius’ array of elements emanate from a single point in a starburst of light. A visual statement that draws the eye as the burnished finish interplays with the light, revealing shifting highlights and shadows. Contemporary and decorative.