The kitchen is often the heart of a home. It is a warm, welcoming space where families meet to spend time with each other. Kitchen lighting is important to set the right atmosphere and to ensure the kitchen is bright, safe, and appealing. Below we outline some popular kitchen lighting ideas, styles, and trends…

1. LED lighting

LED lighting can be used to draw attention to certain elements of a kitchen space and add atmosphere to a kitchen. For example, LED lighting strips can be placed underneath kitchen cabinets to create a dramatic lighting effect. Similarly, LED lighting fixtures can be used throughout a kitchen to provide bright, long-lasting lighting solutions.

2. Bold, statement lighting

In a kitchen, a statement light fixture or chandelier can be used to add personality and interest to a room. Lighting fixtures are available in any size, shape, or color you desire, the only potential limitation will be the size of your kitchen.

3. Glass lighting

Glass lighting, such as glass globes or jars are currently on-trend due to the rustic, farm-style aesthetic they create. Ornamental glass lighting is perfect for traditional kitchens or kitchens that have a rustic style.

4. Mirrored lighting

Light fixtures that are created from shiny or mirrored materials are ideal for kitchens where natural light is at a premium, e.g. a kitchen with only one window or small windows. Mirrored surfaces bounce light around a room and help to make a kitchen appear brighter and lighter.

5. Contemporary Metal lighting

Lighting constructed from metal is on-trend for industrial style kitchens. Metal kitchen lighting can look futuristic and incredibly modern and is often well suited to kitchens with metal countertops. LED metal lighting will ensure enough light is emitted from a metal fixture with opaque elements.

6. LED recessed Lighting

7. Undercabinet Lighting