Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

To choose the most beautiful and elegant kitchen lighting ideas is necessary to step apart and contemplate some different elements in order to not finish with the same old tired recessed lighting and ceiling lights.

How to Light a Kitchen?

Here we will guide you with some tricks in how to light a kitchen.

Light is one of the most evocative furnishing elements in the house. In the kitchen you need an expert eye to position the artificial light sources in the most strategic points to illuminate, in harmony with all natural light available.

It is important to combine aesthetic component with functional component, to ensure homogeneous lighting on all worktops.

Provide a multiplication of light sources by alternating the visible ones with the invisible, but operational and good design for a performance in balance with the surrounding environment,

while avoiding over-illuminating the space with artificial light. The most used are ceiling lights kitchen, LED, lamps and pendant hanging lights.

Modern kitchen lighting

An effective solution for lighting the kitchen is represented by spotlights to be inserted in suspended systems directly connected to the ceiling.

In this way it is possible to bring to selected areas of the kitchen systems equipped with multiple light points without intervening directly on the ceiling, like ceiling lamps, pendant lights, lighting chandelier, spotlights and lights inside the furniture ready for use.

The idea is to keep it simple, elegant and easy to install. Exist new modern kitchen lighting models with suspensions made of wood: the spotlights are housed in thin beams connected to the ceiling through cables.

The lightness of the suspension fits organically and efficiently into the shape of the kitchen, elegantly enriching the texture of the ceiling and effectively illuminating the kitchen top.

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