Exclusive Look for Every Dining Room

The right lighting fixture has the power to transform a space, add character to a room, and set the perfect ambiance. Specialty Lighting and Bulbs recognizes the importance of lighting fixtures and have curated a selection of modern lighting fixtures, including a stunning selection of modern chandeliers. When it comes to lighting fixtures, there is no equal. Their brilliance has ensured they have remained a popular and esteemed lighting option since the 18th century, even if the design of chandeliers has changed a lot since then.

Modern Chandeliers

Modern crystal chandeliers are available in geometric shapes such as circular, rectangular, and linear designs. For example, rectangular or square shape chandeliers and linear LED models are available with dripping crystals. Crystal chandeliers are particularly beautiful as the light from within the chandelier beams through the crystals, creating a sparkling, dancing light effect. Crystals can also be shaped and connected in multiple, pleasing shapes. These modern styles create a fantastic statement over a kitchen island or hallway.

Modern LED Chandeliers

Modern LED chandeliers are not only visually stunning, but they are also much more energy-efficient and, therefore, kinder to the environment. LED chandeliers often have a more industrial look than crystal chandeliers. LED chandeliers are incredibly versatile and can be styled as an LED strip of lighting, for example as seen in LED island chandeliers, or as individual bulbs, often encased in chrome-plated frames. Due to their efficiency and versatility, LED modern chandeliers are suitable for any room in a home. As LED bulbs are particularly bright and efficient, however, LED chandeliers are often well suited to a kitchen environment.

Dining Room Chandeliers

The dining room is often the heart of the home. It is a room where friends and family gather together to enjoy meals and spend quality time with one another. For this reason, having the right décor and ambiance in your dining room is extremely important. There is no right or wrong chandelier to have in your dining room, it depends on your personal taste and existing home décor. If you have a sleek, modern dining room you may find a 17-light bulb chandelier with a polished nickel finish complements your room well. Similarly, if you have a long dining table, a linear chandelier will help to complement your furniture and illuminate the length of your table. Linear chandeliers are available with both crystal and LED lighting, making them incredibly versatile and suitable for all homes.

If you’d like to learn more about modern chandeliers, and the stunning light options available at Specialty Lighting and Bulbs, browse our selection of modern chandeliers today. It is impossible not to feel inspired to update or upgrade the lighting fixtures in your home with a beautiful chandelier when looking at this collection of stunning, diverse, modern lighting fixtures. Check out our Outdoor Lighting department