Designing a Lighting Plan

Designing a Lighting Plan

Traditionally, a plan is understood as the set of steps to follow, previously thought out and organized, to achieve a goal.

But if we talk about designing a lighting plan, we have to go beyond that, from the minutes before starting something, even thinking outside the box on certain issues. Most lighting plans try to describe the type and lighting fixtures shown on the site lighting plan, beyond wondering how to do a lighting plan.

lighting plan

In this article, we will show you everything related to designing a lighting plan.

But don’t worry, it is not necessary to know how to draw a lighting plan, which is done by professionals.

How To Design a Lighting Plan

The first thing you have to do is see where you will apply that lighting plan, if you are a resident or if your business, because it is not the same, since in each case you will be looking for commercial lights or lights for your home, and whether these spaces are large or small. You also have to keep in mind that commercial lights can be for a certain type of client and not for others.

Landscape lighting design is important because if you don’t have the correct landscape illumination, you are going to feel insecure and unsaved, the space won’t feel comfortable and relaxing for the person or for the people who are there. 

commercial lights

In any case, the tips that we give you here are:

  • Determine what type of spaces your lighting plan will be designed for.
  • Whom do you want to show those lights.
  • What do you want to show.
  • What kind of budget are you willing to spend.
  • What lighting professional will take care of all the above.

Beyond all, if you live in North Miami, Florida, there is a place where they have been advising the residents of there for more than 20 years and you can see it here at

A brand for each lighting plan

We think that behind each lighting plan, behind each dream and behind each goal, there is a brand and a lighting design according to your needs.

  • For large spaces: a large chandelier is perfect if you have a
    large living room or hall. For this, the best brands are Eurofase or
    CWI: both have huge and amazing chandeliers that are a trend in
large spaces
  • Corridors: wall sconces are excellent for these places in the house, such as those offered by the Nuvo, Access, or Varaluz brand (if you want a slightly more extravagant house), as they add a bit of atmosphere along the way.
  • For low ceilings: for this type of ceiling you need, when you are designing a lighting plan, to apply recessed or semi-recessed lights, and for this Satco is the best brand you can find on the market.
semi recessed lights

All these lights can be found at These and many other brands, such as Artcraft, Avenue, Beach, Bessa, BTR, Cylan, and Dainolite.

As we told you in this article, it is extremely important a designing a lighting plan, as well as to choose the lighting brands that best suit your spaces and your goals, since choosing the best light for you and designing a lighting plan for your home will make you, your family, and your guests spend an unforgettable moment