Commercial Lighting Plans

Commercial Lighting Plans:

different options for different types of businesses

Commercial lighting plans for your business, make this look spectacular. If we go to a restaurant, we always want there to be nice and relaxing lights.

If we go to a clothing store to try on a garment, we would like to see ourselves in front of the mirror with suitable types of commercial lighting.

Lighting is very important, both for our visual health, as much as if we build our house or if we design our own business or undertaking, the main thing is light, and for that, we have to consult with a lighting specialist, a commercial lighting specialist, or directly hire interior lighting design consultants.

So we don’t do things wrong. In a building, you have to distribute the lights properly, so that the light performance is better, and we turn to a commercial lighting specialist.

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Retail lighting

It is used to make the environments visible and highlight your products or different areas of the store.

You can create a lighting plan with different types of lights and thus see their arrangement and their cost.

And perhaps you wonder why retail lighting is important, and the answer is that it creates a mood, the light you choose predisposes to the atmosphere that your business generates and the opinion of the people.

Good lighting is the fundamental basis for your business, otherwise what you place later to be sold will not work. A well-lit environment is always a good hook for customers to be drawn in and explore the entire area.

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Types of Commercial Lighting

Within all the lighting options, you can find four types of lights that will combine for a good sales strategy: accent, task, ambient and decorative lighting.

Accent lighting

used to highlight key products or areas and also to show off a new product. At you can find so-called Directional Spot Lights and other directional lights.

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Task Lighting

it is used to make visible specific places such as a cash register, office desks, basically it is a complement to improve the visibility of the place where tasks are done.

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Ambient lighting

  • it is the most important in the trade since it is like a background screen on which other lights will be placed. The goal is to scatter the light evenly.
  • For this type of commercial light, the Satco brand is the best of all, and you can get it at Specialty Lighting & Bulbs. If you live in North Miami and you really need a commercial lighting specialist advisor, you have to go to the showroom of this business, since 2000 they have been satisfying the needs of their clients. This company sells all exterior and interior lights to commercial and residential customers.
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Decorative light 

  • This type of light for residences is important for everything aesthetic, to highlight something in particular, a string of Christmas lights or a shop window.
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It is not the same to illuminate an office, a house, or a hotel, so you have to see who you need for each place. For an office, it can be recessed or pendant lights, also ceiling fans with beautiful lamps.

LED Commercial Lighting

Since the early nineties, LED light began to be used, and today almost 70% of companies in the United States are using it thanks to its efficiency and performance.

The performance of people, both physical and mental, depends on the light, so with a custom LED, we will perform more and we will feel more relaxed.

But sadly a large percentage of companies have not yet reconsidered a good commercial lighting plan , especially in the use of LED lights, and that’s what commercial lighting specialists like Specialty Lighting & Bulbs are for. For more information, you can visit their website

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