Commercial Lighting Fixture

Commercial Lighting Fixture For Your Business

Commercial lighting fixture means that all lights are used for commercial spaces such as offices, stores, institutions, hospitals and government buildings, essentially those spaces that are for your business and not residential, industrial or for manufacturing.

During the design phase of a commercial store or a restaurant, many variables must be taken into account and immediately have very clear ideas about the result to be obtained.

Restaurant ’s Commercial Led Lighting

The restaurant’s commercial led lighting is the aspect that not only contributes to creating the desired atmosphere, and lowering the costs of the bill, but also offers us the possibility of beautifying and enhancing our environment giving the room a style in perfect harmony with the type of clients it serves.

Another mistake that we often find is the tendency to underestimate the exterior lighting of the room. Here you can see restaurants that are well cared for and lit internally, while externally the lighting is so poor that sometimes they can hardly be identified.

The externally illuminated sign should also be an integral part of your project and should be designed and placed in a way that is clearly visible and legible.

Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Very often, fixture lighting are compared by mixing actual data (referring to the luminaire) and nominal data (referring to a single LED or LED board), leading to an incorrect comparison.

The first rule of thumb is to consult the product data sheet which certainly reports the data regarding the LED light body as a whole (useful data), or even also the data of the LED board.

We individually describe the parameters to consider. The necessary data must be identified in the product data sheets; compare the 10 displayed parameters one by one; check the warranty conditions and determine if records are required to extend the warranty.

After following these steps, you will be able to understand which luminaire offers superior performance; only now can the last aspect be considered “the cost” of the various solutions.

Once you have realized what you are buying, you can decide whether to spend less to have certain advantages or not.

Commercial led lighting

Commercial lighting supply

How to compare two LED lights?

What are the important features to consider?

Why does the cost of two similar devices vary so much?

Although LEDs have been used for several years, it is often difficult to compare two products.

The main problem is the lack of a standard that unifies the way companies report performance.

Data provided by luminaire manufacturers may refer to individual LEDs, to the LED plates for the entire luminaire.

It is important to know this type of information for a correct comparison. When choosing or comparing two light fixtures or evaluating performance, data regarding the LED source or plate is absolutely useless.