Contemporary Chandeliers for your Living Room

Contemporary Chandelier for your Living Room

The chandeliers are a type of lighting, whose main purpose is to illuminate the environment, but also to decorate the ceiling more ostentatiously.

It differs from lamps above all in its ability to provide complete illumination and its propensity for stability: once a chandelier is installed, it will be difficult to remove it both because of its heaviness and because of the difficult removal maneuvers..


Why is it so nice to wear a Chandelier in the Living Room?

Initially, the candelabra was made to support candles, for this they have the typical shape of arms, to allow them to be placed vertically without having anything in contact with the flame and without dropping the wax to the ground.

Currently, bulbs can be adapted for chandeliers modern but their shape still being the same.

For their part, the more traditional lamps, today, are hardly used as the main light, but they are usually combined with some floor lamps. Also, the most common are recognizable by designer lampshades or fabric shades.

Only the new versions of lamps, especially if they are chandeliers vintage, have the largest bulb that does not need coating. Its design is square or round and its lighting will always be more subdued or complementary.

Living room chandelier 

There are a few factors to consider that go beyond personal taste when choosing the right lighting for space.

In the past the chandelier was the main solution for lighting the room, usually, each room had its own chandelier hanging in the center of the ceiling, more or less large depending on the size of the room.

Today the possibilities to illuminate a room are many and rarely involve the use of a single light source, but the combination of different light sources.

Should you consider adding a chandelier to your lighting project?

In this case, it may also be necessary to have a lighting project that homogeneously coordinates the light that simultaneously emanates from the ceiling and chandeliers, spotlights, or other lighting points.

Large spaces require a greater amount of light but it is not so obvious that in that particular room the functional aspect of lighting prevails over the aesthetic and design aspect.

To be clear, in the kitchen the utilitarian purpose of the light will surely be more important than the aesthetic one, while in the living room since the light requirements are lower, the aesthetic purpose will prevail.

The living room is the ideal place for a large chandelier lighting or an imposing ceiling that will be the master of the room, perhaps with an innovative and extravagant design, but that always reflects the style of the furniture.

But be careful because a candle holder that is too large in a small space could turn out to be an elephant in glassware.

It is also advisable to evaluate the height of the ceilings: it is advisable to use hanging structures with vertical suspension in the case of high ceilings, while in the case of low ceilings it is better to opt for more horizontal structures.

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