The Best Lighting Fixtures For Every Room in the House

The Best Lighting Fixtures

The light fixture you need for a closed study space may be different from the one you need for a living room with a lot of guests and entertainment.

The key is not to overdo it and not to under do it either. Keep your personality in mind and never do anything in haste while deciding lighting for the house.

Your Kitchen Needs Cabinet Lighting

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house which requires well-lit counters to cook, wash, do daily chores, and cut veggies.

This room needs accent lighting from a pendant as well as task oriented lighting which will be given by cabinet lighting.

Cabinet lighting ensures all areas of the kitchen are bright and prevents shadows from being cast where knives and other harmful tools are kept.

Dining Room Needs a Decorative Chandelier

Don’t you want to make guests feel great and at home when they arrive for the dinner you invited them for?

The impact of your dinner wouldn’t last under plain fixtures even if your food was tasty and irresistible.

This is where chandeliers can make an impact.

Chandeliers are suspended over the dining table and provide a decorative element that enhances the beauty of your furniture and the whole dining room.

Your Living Room Needs Layered Lighting

The living room is the most used room of all the other rooms.

It is necessary to have multiple light sources to suit the different uses. Since this is an all-purpose room, it needs layered lighting.

Layered lighting includes overall lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. The main illumination in the room is the overall lighting which is the light above the main work and living space.

The light could be from a chandelier, a normal lighting bulb, a ceiling fan with a light, and multiple pendants.

Accent lighting highlights the best spaces in the room such as architectural features and artwork.

Your Bedroom Requires Good General Lighting & a Good Bedside Lighting

A ceiling light provides us good general lighting in the bedroom.

This general lighting helps us clean the room and find things we are looking for.

Task lighting is required for specific activities such as reading, writing, studying, applying make-up, having an intimate conversation and should be directed and placed to give us the best lighting for our eye.

Integrated task lighting can be used in wardrobes so that we can get dressed fast and put on the best we have and it helps us not to disturb the other person in the room.

Mood lights can be used near the bed which give a homely and cozy feel to the room. Mood lighting helps us